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Veritas Cardiovascular

Afib, CHF, pacemakers & defibrillators, heart attack, stents, erectile dysfunction, Low T and more all explained in HD video at!

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We are proudly accepting NEW cardiology patients daily!

Referring Providers

Appointments are available for your patients same-day/next-day.  Stand alone Echo-Vascular procedures completed and reported  within 48 hours.   

Our board-certified cardiologist has been practicing in South Carolina for over 23 years. We are proudly  ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS!

veritas (n.) Latin, literally "truth, truthfulness," from verus "true" (see very).

GE VIVID 7 Ultrasound

Carotid Ultrasound, Echo, Stress Echo, AAA scans,LEA and LEV for DVT performed   on-site daily

Stress Testing

Same day appointments for patients and referrals



Veritas Cardiovascular accepts Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS, United Health Care, Care Improvement Plus, Cigna, Select Health, Humana and others. Please call with any questions about your particular insurance policy. (843) 293-5100. Click below for a list of networks we currently participate in.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.


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Echo-Vascular Imaging 

On-site echocardiograms, stress testing and vascular studies performed daily                        by our certified technician.

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